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Originally Posted by southlight View Post
If I told you I'd have to kill you.

Good points, and I calculated this myself yesterday. Yet, the rumor says 3.5l.
I have to believe that, if there really is a 3.5L I6 being tested by BMW, then it must be based on some future I6 architecture we have yet to see. Or maybe this is the supposed V6 we've heard rumors of. What I can't believe is that they will try and make some insanely undersquare motor just for another .5L of displacement. But either way, I still don't think any of this will get beyond the experiemention phase because it means an entirely new engine design. That is, unless they plan to use it in regular series cars as well.

In the end I'll bet they can get the power they need from the 3L I6, especially with some trick tri-turbo setup or whatever they come up with.

Assuming the X3 M gets the green light, yes.
Any idea of the time frame for when that might happen? I think that an X3/X4 M is a no brainer when you consider how much more potential sales there are. So I do fully expect it to make production. And for that matter, X1 and X2 M some time down the road as well.

One last thing: assuming that a Z4 M also gets the green light (it sounds like it will), would that also come after the X3 M, or potentially before it? I have to assume that a Z4 M would use the same motor as the new M3 and X3 M also.
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