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Originally Posted by ScheerSpeed View Post
lol I in no way work FOR Swissvax... I just like their stuff A LOT! I ditched Leather Masters and Leatherique, I've used them both... but nothing stands up to the SV stuff... seriously, if not I wouldn't spend my money on it...
I know for a FACT you have a relationship with Swissvax USA, I'll leave it at that and hope you're not just trying to push products. I have nothing against SV and actually enjoy some of their offerings, but only pushing one brand seems a bit fishy don't you think?

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Good points. The hot steam actually discolored a bit of plastic on my steering wheel, I was not being careful. No way I'll use that method on my M3. But I did buy the 250ml Leather Master starter kit today on your suggestion.
A little goes a long way and let me know if you have any questions