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some technical and less personal thoughts:

No fading in 7-8 minutes at high speed downhill. The brake power was absolutely the same at the end of the film. No different pressure on the pedal.
The road was in some parts almost wet. No problems with traction during U turns. I used MDSC and I had only two oversteers. Max rpm in 2th gear 7.500. The 3th arrived at about 7.000 in some points since the road was narrow and with poor visibility because there were lots of turns. The average % of descend is more than 15% on that road. The understeer was never in evidence. The wheel is firm, and give you a nice feedback. You can do whatever you need and I didn't see any troubles in the feeling.
Last thing.....put the full power on the second or third gear going down very fast in a narrow road and see the speed increasing so fast just before the next turn, or U turn, and you will love this car and her reactions forever!!!
In two times from 3th to 2th I have seen the blocking of both the rear wheels for a fraction of a second. Somethime I would say you could use this reaction
of your back to enter better in a turn...But this is another story....
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