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Originally Posted by gbb357 View Post
Yes i understand, too much power or torque can be a disadvantage to the unexperieced driver. No matter how much power you have if you can't put it on the ground, you might as well be driving a Geo Metro. And that's where BMW shines. History and records shows that they've always have been very good and efficient when it comes to putting all that power to use. My problem with this case is just it's too good to be true. We're talking about a 500lbs difference between the two cars, that's like having 2 big football players in your car and yet it does'nt seem to make any difference at all. In regards to under-rating, some people might consider it cheating or lying and some might see it as a good thing. Personally, i don't necessarily think it's cheating if it's not too much under-rating, let's say 10% max. Because there are some or mostly legit reasons why manufacturers do this, whether it's for insurance purposes or EPA, SAE regulations whatever it is. It's not to cheat consumers, i think or i hope not. Anyway, in this case with the M3 it's actually a win win situation. Let's just say the M3 is actually putting out 450hp, (i think it's between 430-440) from a 4.2 liter V8 that is amazingly impressive and it still shows how good BMW is when it comes to putting power on the ground because it can keep up with the Vette of the line that is much lighter and has higher torque advantage and probably even beat it sometimes. So the answer is No, it's not a bad thing, not in this case at least.
I agree, I don't know why you would get a hard time from other members for saying that in the past.