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I personally think the LFA is amazing, if I had 850k to buy one of the few coming here, I would! But I don't haha 9000RPM and basically any engine that is NA and makes over 100hp/L gets me wet.

To be fair to the Nissan, 150k is a bargain if all you car about is performance and not how you get there. The new one does 0-100km/h in 2.9 or 3.0 seconds right? A 911 Turbo S costs $450k and does the same...I've been in the new Turbo S flat out and it's shit boring, there's no sense of excitement at all, I would spend the money on a 'slower' Ferrari or Lamborghini or something...

I don't really understand people that buy cars for the 'badge', no offence, but are you impressed when you see someone in a 320i? I have a friend who bought a 120i a while ago, he thought it was great to be driving a BMW, but naturally got bored after a few months...had he bought a GTI, I'm sure he'd still be loving it.