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Minor Update: Email response from Fil, GM at dealer.

So I sent an email to the dealer, linking and autoblog this afternoon so he could get a feel for how big this has gotten. Coincidentally, this is when the moosman showed up too. My email to Fil:
(Note, nothing has been edited)

As I mentioned, many people are outraged at this situation., a major automotive site has just now picked this story up.

I am absolutely determined to follow-up on this to the end, to get the deal I am entitled to.
I hope we can get this resolved monday.

Fils response?

As repeated...I will converse with our corporate office. It feels like your harassing me. I now have people harassing me also. Easter is a special day for my religious beliefs, please let my family enjoy. Do not email anymore threats. Fil

I have never threatened Fil in anyway, but I think he is perceiving this situation as a threat to him. Granted the Easter thing, I can appreciate but I dont expect him to reply to emails written today. As for people harassing him, well thats beyond my control as I don't know why they are calling Fil. It could be for other transgressions commited by the dealership.That said, please dont threaten Fil at the dealership