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Originally Posted by Sal@Evolve View Post
You don't care about air to air vs air to water?

We built this kit to perform consistently under continual hard use. We went to alot of effort to use premium parts and go air to air. If that's not really something of high priority for you then I suggest another kit which you can get thousands of dollars cheaper with your trade discount.


If we wanted to build a kit which was cheap we would have gone small cast plenum, air to water with small sized cores, an OEM pre rad, a simple flat bracket and a blower which is a bit cheaper.

You have completely missed the point and those that are showing a real interest and have purchased appreciate what the kit delivers:


As per your text, it's NOT JUST ABOUT PEAK HP ON A DYNO!

We have basically not made any major compromises and still bought the system to the market at what we think is a reasonable cost for what you get.

You have had your price. No amount of posting here or saying you don't really need it will change the price.

I really don't care how much business you think you will bring to us because you will have it on your car. That's not the kind of marketing we are interested in. If the kit cannot sell itself on what it is with a reasonable amount of information + honest unbiased reviews then that's the way it is.

There is a large following outside of the forums and our dealer global dealer network who are taking up the first few batches anyway.

Seriously, if you want a cheap kit, buy something else. Quality comes at a price. There are lots of sayings!

That's awfully defensive.

There is no doubt among any of us that you guys have put together a very fine, high end kit. I understand defense of a product that you have poured your brains, hours and passion into. In that way defensiveness is a good thing.

But is there overkill? If some of your parts absolutely won't fail or break in their weaker versions then the intentionally stronger ones are over-engineered (by definition) and perhaps then also overpriced. We can revisit the machined plenum topic. Machining really is not the most cost effective process to make such a part. Machining does provide the least up front costs and actaully requires less engineering (mold engineering is expensive and almost an art to it).

At the end of the day, what real world performance or longevity advantages are you bringing to the table compared to lower priced kits? Do you have any quantitative comparisons? For example will your system exhibit less power loss under hard conditions in high ambient temperatures? If so, again some quantification or comparison would be great. Most folks have no problem spending more for more performance but personally what I look for is the ratio - the old bang for the buck point of view.
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