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Originally Posted by L4ces View Post
It's ok.
Don't do it! I would say the same to someone that inquires about wearing a leisure suit, bell bottoms or checkered pants that flare out the bottom.

I saw an Oldsmobile with a black bra a week or two ago and I pointed it out to my wife. I has to, I couldn't help it. We tried to see who it was that had such taste. I didn't see the face.

And yes I had one on my 87 Mercury Cougar and packed it away in the late 80s. I came across it in a box in the garage and showed my son who is 22 and we laughed.

I still have the cougar lol.
lol yeah when i see it on the street i laugh. but then again, even if i had gotten it, I wouldn't have used it on the street for day to day driving.