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Question Asymmetrical Obliques/Hip Flexors ("V Cut")

Why would my v-cut be extremely defined on my right side but nearly non-existent the left? I used to be this level of body fat before, and I used to be super symmetrical, so I know it's not gene-related like everybody says when it comes to abdominal formation.

When I flex my lower abs they puff out further on the right too. Like I said before, this never used to be a problem (like a year back). Within the last year I put on some weight causing me to lose the v-cut altogether. Now it's coming back as I'm cutting down my BF, but only on one side. Some say that your body loses fat in random areas, but I feel like body fat isn't the reason because when I flex I really feel like there's nothing on my left side compared to my right. It barely flexes.

What can I do to equalize it? I used to do shit tons of plank-based exercises; barely do that many now. I've been trying to use cable machines, fixing my arm at a 90 angle and bending at my obliques, but it's hard to target them, and I never had to do that workout before. Also, I want to say I sleep on my right side 99% of the time because I heard sleeping on your left is bad for your heart. I noticed that my abs hang down when I sleep like that...could that be the problem? Should I try to sleep on my left?

I'd really appreciate the help guys. I miss my former symmetry.

*I do plenty of bicycle kicks, leg raises (usually combined with a set of controlled left/right swaying motions where you're laying down), mountain climbers, that exercise where you're in the mountain climber position and spike your knees up to the opposite point of your body, etc. My routine has changed, but not that much. Main exclusion would be simple plank exercises.
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