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Originally Posted by M3Fan24 View Post

Absolutely stunning!!

Never knew Dakar Yellow looked THIS good in the real flesh, not just in the config animation.

i'm not sure what config animation you're talking about. last i checked i sure as shit didn't pay 5k extra for a car that can be configured stock from bmw's configurator. if so, please let me know so i can ask bmw for a refund !

Originally Posted by M3Fan24 View Post
Lovely choice of mods, too!
thanks !

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I do have a few questions to ask:

Have you) "broken in" your M3 for performance mods yet? If so, is there a way of knowing that you did? (I have no idea how the break-in thing works, only heard that you drive the car around 500 miles(?) before the engine "breaks in" and you can start performance mods.
(Help me out!!)
"break-in refers" to the process of how you drive your car for the first 1200 miles or so. the recommended process (though there are some conflicting ideologies on this topic) is that for the first 1200 miles, you keep the engine below 5000 rpm. once you've done this for the first 1200 miles, the engine is considered "broken in" and you can then go on to drive the car at full throttle. (the other school of thought is "no break in" where people just go full throttle on the car from the very first mile)

regarding performance mods - you can install these at any time including during your engine's break in period. the only problem is that if you install them during your break in period, you won't be able to notice a performance difference before and after your installation. why? because during your break in period you can't truly feel the performance of the car anyway given that you're always under 5k rpms (which for this car is nothing).

My logic on this topic was to wait until i had broken in my car to install my performance mods, that way I would at least feel the difference before and after.

Originally Posted by M3Fan24 View Post
And were all the parts installed by EAS?
no. not all.

hope that helps,

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