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Originally Posted by ruff View Post
The Germans are running with their tails between their legs, with simpleton Nissan destroying the whole notion of German supremecy in automotive engineering. The Japanese are spanking the Germans at their own game. To make matters worse, the Lexus LF-A is around the corner. The M3 is going to be average in it's first year of production. How will it compare to it's competition in it's 5th year of production?
I was always under the impression that BMW M's game was in naturally aspirated cars.

You do make some points though, the GT-R is very good regardless of worth. No one is really surprised that it is even better than originally discussed though. As for the Lexus LF-A, I thought that was going to be a $100k + supercar? (Lexus has also been rumored on making a IS-F/R with a $100k price but only a 12 hp increase)