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Originally Posted by GregTheStig View Post
I think going after social networking sites is the wrong way to go about this, but it would certainly get everyone's attention. Also the notion that congressmen/women have no idea what the internet is... is completely true. I like it better when they bring down government sites because I feel that it's attacking who real deserves to be attacked... not saying that hacking/DDoS'ing websites is right or anything, but you know
As much as i agree with you about going after social media sites being dumb, there is a smart side to it.

Facebook is one of the most publicised things out there, so if it goes down, the world will know it went down.

It would be all over the news, and that's what these people want. It's by far the most public way of getting noticed, and will get the attention of the voting public. Just going after CIA and stuff may not drum up the same attention as they would keep things less public. And it might also scare the general public more if they can take down CIA servers.