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Some clarification from my understanding and I am off to dinner at Sam Woo in the Eastside. Shocking, I know, true believers.

The 2 letters are for different reasons. The attorneys represent 2 different clients, not the same.

The VTG statement by Maledon representing the dealer is informing the public that the deal had officially closed but it is now extending the date to close. Whether this extension is on the part of goodwill or a tactic because it also believes that the buyer could not & still cannot pay is arguable, imo. What we do know is the chances of financing get lower, not higher, over time. What the extension does want to restate by showing you is that it was & is still not preventing the finance. This letter is for the public.

The HAG letter by Zimmeran representing the HAG, and more importantly, Fil, I believe, written to and is aimed primarily at Dooma is basically telling him to stfu and admit what it believes to be the truth. It is saying that it is aware of the extension by the dealer, which is a separate matter for a separate client, altogether. Now, the letter is seeking retractions of any statements or it will hold Dooma personally responsible (and and whoever else it can later identify) and sue.

There is a reason Dooma is no longer speaking.

This 2d issue is now more on your part, guys, not on Dooma. Think about Dooma before you speak.