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Originally Posted by Chief911 View Post
While I think alot of what you had to say before the paragraph quoted above, most of this paragraph above discredit most of what you have said. Here are some facts:

I live in Lincoln
I drive a BMW 335i leased from Husker just over a year ago
A close friend of mine has one as well from Husker

I have never met someone who had a good opinion of Husker. And I have had first hand experience as to why they are not a good dealer.

As to your comments regarding husker tickets and bmwcca membership, that's all news to me. Neither me nor my friend received such treatment.

Regardless, the reality is, Husker is a really bad BMW dealership, and everyone that lives around here knows it.
First off, my computer is broke, will you fix it Chief911?

Husker has had its issues over the years. Now that they are "locally owned" as they have been claiming, I don't have first hand experience of how things are. They lost a great mechanic and great service manager last year so I dont know how good their service is either.

I was in Omaha today and dropped by Markel BMW and they were well aware of the M3 Ebay debacle at Husker. In fact, they were so aware of it that they have been in contact with "dooma350" and are/were trying to figure out a way to get him an M3 at the same price....