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Originally Posted by Revolution Boi View Post
I stumble upon other forums and thats when I found out about this story. I would like to congratulate you and actually thank you.

I'm pretty speech less

3 months ago I was the part of the Internet staff at Lincoln of BMW/Husker Auto Group and apparently I was laid off by Micheal Barrett who allegedly stole my Internet leads. Being force to sign the paper for termination I just quit my job and happily making more money as a sale rep Suzuki Auto Plex. Husker went to shit after all the changes that Van Tyul Enterprise try to do when Fil Cantani did some changes to the dealership. Hence, coming from to a Florida Dealership to Nebraska didn't do much to improved the whole system. Cutting pay to loyal workers, spending more on trades, and spending more money on the dealership (Starbuck coffee machines, free pizza to the customers) which wasn't necessary.

To me I felt this was karma....and I'm deeply satisfied

Enjoy your new E90 M3 =)
hi there. i kept thinking to myself about karma, and how all they're previoius customers probably got jipped, and now it came crashing down on their sorry @$$#S (excluding those true/honest/hardworking employees).

just goes to show what kinda dealership is if they steal from their own employees, how they'd steal from customers and still goto bed at night with the padded profit undertheir pillows.