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Originally Posted by 997GT3 View Post
+1. I'm a former M3 owner and have had many many BMWs. That's why I "hang out" in an M3 forum. On top of all that, there are so many M3's out there that their forums seem to be the most active. Nothing more boring than a forum where one or two comments are added per day.
What baffles me more than why a GTR owner would comment positively in a GTR thread is why non GTR owners would repeatedly comment negatively in a GTR thread.
+1. Current e92 m3 (since 2008) and GTR owner here as well. The e9x m3 is now more assessable to a different demographic of new owners since the used car market is expanding with more cars coming off lease, etc. This means more people get to experience a great all around sports car, but it's also created more fan boys than ever coming out of the woodwork.

This forum definitely has it's resident GTR haters, some of whom act like their m3 is their first born child. I don't have to name them as they can easily be found in just about every GTR related thread chiming in with their negative opinions toward the GTR. I honestly don't see this kind of behavior on NAGTROC. It's pretty easy to sort out sports car enthusiasts from egocentric brand enthusiasts whose opinion has little value.

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