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World Record for Trap Speeds on Street Tires

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An ESS 535 (DCT) supercharged E92 M3 [mine], an ESS 625 (6spd) E92 M3, and an AA Stage 2 (DCT) E90 M3 shattered some numbers today! What a great day we had at Atco Raceway!

Temps were cool (45deg) which was great for power but made it difficult to get traction especially for M33 and Akh23456 since they are making more power than my little old ESS 535 kit

I recently installed an ESS 535kit combined with a Ginanti Catless Xpipe and Borla rear section(DCT). Since I dont have DR's yet, I took off my 20's and ran oem 19's with PS2's.

Thanks to IMG for his tire pressure expertise! M33 is running the "monster" ESS 625 and is catless (6spd). Akh23456 is running an AA Stage 2+ Meth and is catless(DCT). If we all learned something from today....we need drag radials! My car was really dialed in today. Prior to today I made about 12 passes with the blower but was on my 20's...bad idea. I did take Akh23456 in several races but he had bigger traction issues. His car does pull harder towards the 1000ft mark. M33 needs DR's! He was braking loose going into fourth at over 100mph. His traps were in the 126-127 range.

My two best times were 11.6 @122 and 11.8 at 125. Akh23456 did get into the 11.2 - 11.3 range which is unreal! When referencing slips, I'm #6 (ESS 535), M33 (ESS 625)#122 and AKH23456 (AA)#7

GoPro's taken from ESS535 car. Enjoy....


ESS 535 DCT (camera car) vs AA Stage 2+ DCT

AA Stage 2+ 11.8@125

ESS 535 DCT (camera car) vs AA Stage 2+ DCT

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E92 SG M3 DCT...Powered by ESS VT2 650/DCT GTS Software/Aquamist HFS-3/ Morr /Awron/KW's/Stoptech/Recaros PP/Gintani/Catless/AA Rear section
ATCO RACEWAY: 10.65 @ 131.79MPH 1.725 60FT
(Stock ESS 625)

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