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Originally Posted by sflgator View Post

Where do you get that BAD info? I thought you've been on this Forum a very long time; certainly long enough to have accurate info about the PROcede.

My car dyno'd at 322WHP and 378 lb.-ft. RWTQ, which translates into approx. ~ 379BHP and 445 lb.-ft. TQ, and my dyno was a bit low compared with a few other PROcede 335i's...some have dyno'd at ~330WHP.

btw -- from Shiv's dynos of PROcede v2.0, this upgraded s/w should net us PROcede 335i's with approx. 410-425BHP with TQ remaining the same or a bit higher!!!!! :rocks:
what did it dyno at before? I don't pay much attention to the 335 dyno threads, but most seem to claim that 300 stock is an understatement, and IIRC some 335's were dynoing at 280 rwhp (don't quote me on that, I don't really remember)