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Originally Posted by southlight View Post
Read that interview about DFI also. If I got the BMW guy (think it was Richter) right, he said that the next generation will get it. So first DFI car should be the next Generation (F10) M5 followed by the next generation M3. Maybe even the rumoured X6-M will be the first M car to get DFI. Imagine the V10 combined with a 5.000 lb car, that would need the consumption advantage of DFI really hard!
I can't decide if I'm more disappointed that the M3 didn't get DFI or more happy that this technology which is still making trouble isn't featured yet... If the 20 MPG figure turned out to be right while sporty driving (not track), I wouldn't care about DFI any more.

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The RS4 with the older generation DFI gets terrible mileage. Yet to see a car with the newer generation DFI work with a high reving motor. Will be interesting to see if Porsche will be the first to break through this barrier.