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Originally Posted by Stahlgrau View Post
Although they don't mess with the engine often, they introduced the ZCP package. BMW has also had other performance adding models/packages in the previous(E30/E36) models. I hope it's a possibility, but I know I'd sure be pissed if I bought one of the earlier models and BMW turned around and introduced a DFI model.

Seems like it'd be a long time to wait to see a DFI M3 if we have to wait until the next model run.
Yep, the ZCP did improve handling but did not alter the engine. The E46 CSL did though with new manifolds and exhaust.

I would image that BMW would not want to piss nicely paying customers off. They would aliniate about 20000 people if they were to introduce DFI during the second year run.

The only reason I can think of for such a move is potentially stiff competition emerging within the next 2 years. If the new RS4 comes out with a 550hp+ engine for instance, which is possible if they turbocharge a varient of the current engine. Then there is the GTR.