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Originally Posted by lfelunden View Post
I've looked on several kits out there, it seems like ESS is the only without upgraded spark plugs am I right ? (I've looked on G-power, ESS, AA and VF).
Any ESS user who can tell me how often those spark plugs should be replaced ?
We do use factory plugs on all of our kits. Depending on how the car is driven we suggest replacement around 15k-25k miles. If ever in doubt about your plugs it is always best to replace them as this vehicles perfromance is very sensitive to the condition of things like spark plugs and 02 sensors.

Relibility on our SC cars has been very high over the years. We have close to 500 supercharged M3's worldwide now and I get very few service related calls, when I do they are usually related to general maintenance. We also have many customers on the forum that run our kit, you can always PM them and get feedback which is always a good idea. I am also always available for questions via PM or email.