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Shooting London

Wifey and are are heading to Blighty on Thursday. We're touring the Salisbury Plain area (Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Bath, Salisbury) from Friday until Wednesday and then we'll be in London from Wednesday until Tuesday. Wifey has a conference that weekend and forgot to book me a space for the Friday night lecture and dinner (oh drat ). So I get to have Friday evening to shoot London at night. I was planning on a trip to the London Eye. Dave, I seem to remember you saying that they are pretty restrictive on gear at the Eye and their website seems to confirm that. Their FAQ states "no multiple lenses" among other prohibitions. I have written to the Eye's press office asking for clarification, especially with regards to monopods, which are not mentioned in their FAQs. Can you remind me what you experienced at the Eye, Dave?

We may also get to attend a private after-hours function at the Tower of London (White Tower). I'm really hoping they'll let me in with my camera.

If you catch this thread, Paul, can you add any advice or warnings about photography in London (or the aforementioned Salisbury Plain area)?

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