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X-pipe Install and Reinforcement Plate - Follow-up Question

I have a follow-up question for those that did the install without removing the reinforcement plate. I looked under the car today to make sure I could access everything before attempting the install. There's no problem getting to the copper header nuts by hand or with a crows foot. Everything else is definitely easy to access with just the transmission undertray removed, except for one thing.

On the passenger side there is a heat shield for the primary O2 sensor plugs (and another plug as well). Here's a couple of photos:

There are two 10mm bolts that hold the heat shield in place and it appears that the O2 sensor cannot be disconnected without removing or at least moving the heat shield. The upper bolt goes into a hexagonal spacer while the lower bolt is held in place with a nut. The nut on the lower bolt is pretty much inaccessible with any tools or even one's hands.

How did those of you who removed your x-pipe without removing the reinforcement plate tackle that O2 sensor plug?

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Quick question regarding x-pipe installations. Can anyone confirm whether the reinforcement plate has to be loosened or removed to remove and install the M3's x-pipe (i.e., is it possible to install/remove the x-pipe without loosening or removing the reinforcement plate)? I saw the EAS Akra install video and they loosened the reinforcement plate (but did not remove it).

If it has to be removed, are the bolts torque to yield bolts (per BMW)?


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