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Originally Posted by bruce.augenstein@comcast. View Post
You shouldn't be thinking of driveline lash as the takeup of the sum of individual clearances. It's that, of course, but it's also the "twist" or deflection of individual driveline components, plus the tire carcasses. That's why urBan_dK's S2000 will accelerate uneventfully through 6000 rpm in third gear, but break the tires loose from there while coming off cruise. Yes, the jerk is much less than if he were decelerating against engine compression in third just before punching it, but it's still a sudden jerk.

I can see a little in the tire carcass that I had not considered but driveline gotta be pretty small. Might even absorb a little power and spread it out a little. I will need to consider it somemore.

I like your: The simple explanation is that speed eats power in a completely linear way.

Very nice. Horsepower and torque are very interesting and cause much confusion. I need that beer klinking smilie here.