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Location: Boston area, originally from North Jersey

Number: 5 - I'm not sure what number is appropriate, as I have a stronger belief that a God/supreme being was instrumental in the existence of the universe, but less belief that a God is watching/controlling our existence.

Religious Identification: Minimally practicing Jew with a respect for the culture and tradition.

My wife is Jewish, my ex-wife was raised Christian, of my 2 kids from the ex (which my current wife and I raised) one took-on Judaism, the other didn't.

Of course I can't be unbiased when it comes to Judaism, but I have to say that my synagogue is the most inviting, non-judgemental, and respectful of other religions that one can imagine.

I accept that the US is a Christianity-observing country as far as holidays and traditions, but to hear the Christian majority in this country whine about putting Christ back in Christmas makes me want to puke.