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Originally Posted by Daniel135i View Post
Am I the only one in here picking Tito over Rashad... Yeah, I like the odds. 2 heavy stacks on Tito for my betting pleasure.

P.S. My personal opinion is that Rashad is a fucking scrub Joke, bitch ass fuck wad. But it plays no part in my betting, just saying.
I was about to say put some money down on Tito because he's paying about the same as the Bader fight.

Originally Posted by escobar929 View Post
i just cant see how Tito can win, Rashad is too fast and too good, he is a much better fighter than he was when they first met, while Tito is basically still the same guy. But if Rashad comes out sloopy like Bader did, then no doubt Tito is putting him to sleep

now personality wise I dont think Daniel is too far off but Tito isnt exactly Mr cool guy either

what i cant wait for is McDonald vs Pyle and Miller vs "Bendo" next week, these should be epic fights
That's how I see it too. I think Rashad is one of the most improved fighters in the game. I think he's probably one of the most successful and promising TUF winners. Also, he's been training for Jones then Davis and now he's getting Tito. I'm sure he'll be trying to send a message to Dana and the LHW division.