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Bottom Line to me atleast is this, ESS Makes a Stellar, Well designed , Perfictly Tuned Kit & with that being said they even Claim the most conservative number on a Dyno ....

I own the 600+ kit and reciently discoverd 3 boost leaks on my car and they have been leaking for some time cause i was never ever able to break the tires loose in second gear and sometimes even in 1st gear , only on below 35 deg weather was i able to do so, i even questioned with other owners of the ESS kit and they all said our break them loose easly .... well now that i fixed my leaks i can say this i run 295/35/20 GoodYear F1 tires and i have absolutly no traction in 1st , 2nd , and early 3rd this happend in 85deg weather ..... I've own alot of fast cars and this thing is putting down well over 500+ whp , will dyno soon ....
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