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Not to pretend or tread where a health specialist can help.

But if you have NOT acclimated to high body/ambient temperatures the unquenchable thirst is probably a warning sign. Too high a fluid intake can damage organs.

Then there is the salt ratio. Some (after play) drink a teaspoon of salt in 8 ounces of water or swish similar concentration of salt in their mouth and spit out.

If your thirst is unquenchable your probably too late in your fluid uptake.

gatorade (some have no food coloring ) is good, water is good. Fruit juices with added sugar can be an issue so some dilute fruit juice with water.

Keeping your head cool which keeps your brain cool is important.

And alcohol intake leading up to the day you play. Or certain foods leading up to game day, foods that may not digest well for you.
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