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Originally Posted by s85e90 View Post
One more question: what about rain coming throught the hood vent saturating the filter? and how soon ready to ship?
The filter is located in front of the vent so rain cannot get to it. We are taking orders now and will be ready in 2-3 weeks for us to ship out.

Once I can get everything rolling here at Gintani, we will begin stocking our SC kits so that orders will be ready to ship the next day over. Gintani is making a lot of changes internally to become more efficient and cater to our customers quicker and better!

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Holy damn that stage 0 is tempting. Wow.
I will shoot you a PM when I am in the office later today. I personally drove this car for a good 45 minutes and was absolutely stunned how well it performs! I was in bumper-to-bumper traffic on Sunset Blvd, an open stretch of freeway on the 405, and regular traffic near our shop so I was able to test drive the car in all the different situations our customers will experience. Car drove like a stock car, but with so much more power! It was a phenomenal car and almost made me think I should sell my E46 M3 for an E90 M3.

Here is a picture of me waiting behind a BMW i8 in bumper-to-bumper traffic in Brentwood/Pacific Palisades area:

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I totally trust the engineering from Gintani. But it looks like theres room for a slightly bigger radius curve. Either way i will be buying this. When will these be available for shipment? How long is the special for? Any before/after dyno charts?
We are taking orders now and will be ready to ship out in 2-3 weeks, MAX. The special will be available until the end of summer. I am very excited that my bosses have allowed me to offer the M3post community such amazing pricing! I am going to post a before/after dyno from our Dyno Dynamics today when I step into the office. The Stage 0 makes +90-95 whp / +60-65 wtq.

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Looking nice and at a good price.

In for some Dynos!
Will post it later today, thank you for the kind words!
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