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Originally Posted by benzy89 View Post
Even if LM was running the smaller pulley (which I don't believe he was, pretty sure this was before he switched), he's still running the 535 tune. While a smaller pulley will add a few psi to the blower + increase power, he's certainly not getting an additional ~60 HP (540 --> 600) without a higher performance tune.

Also, if a pulley swap can make that much of a difference, why buy a 625 kit when you can save a ~$3k (catless X-Pipe money), buy a 550 & get nearly the same performance?
LM was running the smaller pulley and meth....FACT
A few psi is going to bump the power up quite a bit (me and him were the texting the day he put it on and couldnt believe the difference in the cars performance with the smaller pulley) . Your not understanding me, so I will repeat myself - the combination of him having a higher boost pulley and meth (doing the same job as the intercooler at cooling the IATs) and fully catless vs the other guy having 20inch wheels (which from what I've seen rob about 20-30whp on a dyno) and HFC will make that a close race. And if you think so, do yourself a favor when you sell your 335 and move onto an M3, buy a 550 kit throw on a higher pulley and then race an intercooled VT2-625/650, you will be surprised to see the outcome be much more than a buslength between the two cars (over a 7mph in trap speed as well). I dont see what is hard to understand here.

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