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Originally Posted by PINHEAD View Post
isn't that matte blue M3 on this forum?
very reckless...
Originally Posted by benzy89 View Post
Pretty sure more than 1 person can have a matte blue wrap (especially cause it looks awesome).... The car you're thinking of is Tightie's Gintani Stage 3 M3 (also has a matte blue wrap)

You make it sound like EVERY M3 owner is on the forums. The video also shows from 30-40 secs that an ESS kit is installed (poor lighting, but it's easily identifiable by the blower bracket).

If you want to dispute anything, it's whether this was actually a 625 kit and/or producing the 570 RWHP.

It's not like the M3 walked the Camaro (M3s basically at the Camaro's trunk) & it's more than likely if they really would out the 2 cars, the M3 would eventually take the lead.
There are a few matte blues on this forum... def. sure as hell wasnt me lol.

Originally Posted by Team Plutonium View Post
Any lost race is a rape. That's why I have a rape whistle in the glove compartment... just in case.

...It's simply 1 of 3 things....
a) The M3's WHP numbers are off and theres something depriving the car's potential performance with the 625 kit
b) The camaro has extra work done (not likely the case going off reading the sister post)
c) M3 driver was doing it wrong with the paddle shifts. Maybe he had it on D mode?

I'm gonna bet my odds on a combiantion of A and C