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Originally Posted by mike the snake View Post
It's a date Sub. I bought it from a local jewelry shop, where I've befriended the owner who is very knowledgeable about watches.

He calls me periodically when he comes across something I might like. He had a standard gold Reverso, but it was too small for my taste.

Realistically it's going to be a while before I can afford another nice watch. My taste has always outweighed my pocketbook! lol. Plus, now I have a girlfriend, just got another Ducati that I'm prepping for track use, there's just so much cool shit to spend money on!
lol so many toys, so little time, I know the feeling.

I've managed to elude having a girlfriend for a while now, so that's keeping the pocket book a little better balanced at the moment.

I'm glad you got the black sub, it looks a little nicer in my opinion then the white face, I've looked at them a few times, just can't pull the trigger for some reason.