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Originally Posted by AngelinIsRich08 View Post
Obama's budget proposal failed 97-0 in the senate. The republican and democratic budget passed 74-26. I don't like it one bit and neither does the tea party. So if Obama had it his way we would have raised the deficit another several trillion dollars without making budget cuts. And to be honest, I don't really support budget cuts, I'd rather have Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and other government and social programs completely reformed so that they stick around longer than twenty more years. I think Paul Ryan was off to a great start but the liberals killed it because they're chicken shit and don't want to think about what's going to happen down the line.
Oh god, not more mindless bs. Do you even TRY to fact check your crap? Are we starting yet another thread where a half dozen people repeatedly correct your factual failures?

1) We haven't passed a "republican and democratic budget" Not by 74-26, not at all. We haven't passed ANY 2012 budget yet. This last bill was just a dog and pony show orchestrated by the Tea Party Republicans purely for election year politics. The REAL work on passing the 2012 budget is sitting on hold for 5 weeks while the Congress is on vacation. Get ready for Tea Party Republican gov't shutdown threat number 4 in less than a year.

2) If you even bothered to READ Obama's budget, you would know that you are lying when you say Obama's budget didn't include debt cuts. His proposed budget included a Trillion dollars in deficit reductions. If you want to talk about what is in the Obama plan, read it first. It's damn easy to find.

3) The Ryan plan eliminates Medicare as a guaranteed safety net as we know it, so it is impossible to agree with the Ryan plan, and say you want to keep Medicare. The Ryan plan is to Medicare like taking a BMW badge and putting it on a Hyundai is to cars. You can slap whatever name you want on it, but it ain't Medicare. Do you want to know what will happen to the the dollars the gov't would hand out under the Ryan plan? Go look at what the airlines did with the FAA dollars. The Insurance companies will just charge people what the market will bear, and pocket the Ryan money as pure profits on top. Just like the airlines did with the FAA tax dollars. When seniors can't pay, they will no longer have ANY guaranteed safety net. The Democrats have perfectly good plans on how to extend those social programs WITHOUT shredding the guaranteed safety net, so stop trying to pretend Democrats "don't want to think about what happens down the line". That's just factually wrong, and asinine to say.

man. How about managing to put a single sentence in a single thread that holds a shred of factually true information? I guess the even better question, is when are the rational and intelligent people on the Right going to show up and shout down the mindless blathering of the Tea Party folks like you?

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