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Originally Posted by Dave07997S View Post
I am someone who loves Mustangs, almost bought a 2011 5.0L..but you must be on crack if you think the Mustang is equal or superior to the BMW M3.... when it comes to the actual build quality, interior materials and a host of other features the Mustang fell quite a bit short. Otherwise I would be driving a Mustang right now.


I'm not going to sit here and tell you that a Ford Mustang has a better interior than an E92 M3. Clearly, it does not. Build quality? The BMW still has the edge, but we're not talking a huge chasm here. When it comes to dash materials, seats, paint, and hinged doors, the BMW wins hands down. When it comes to stereo and HVAC controls, turn signal/washer, and shifter feel, I think the Ford is better.

I guess I'm just the opposite of you, I do not like domestics and have been predisposed to a variety of imports over the last 15 years. But the Ford simply won me over because it's a better driver's car, is more exciting despite it's crude looks and simple suspension.

If we want to extend questions of build quality outside the "touch and feel" parts of the exterior and cockpit into the internals of the car, I feel much more confident in the 5.0 engine than in the smaller, more stressed BMW engine. Driving cars back to back, the Mustang's engine just feels so much more alive and powerful. The torque difference does not look to be much on paper but I promise you....take two spirited test drives back-to-back like I did and the different is substantial.

The Mustang is far from perfect :I think it's an ugly car, I think it's too big, the seats suck, and it takes about $1500 in suspension upgrades to really make it come alive on the road. All things even, the BMW is my choice (only with DCT, however). But as you pointed out, they're not even.

I disagree that the cars are "different". The cars are exceptionally similar in all ways except styling. Do people cross-shop BMW's and Fords? Only by enthusiasts, I think. God knows, when I was nearly ready to sign the dotted line at my BMW dealership and started reading these Mustang comparisons, I never dreamed in a 1000 years I would own a Mustang. But then again, I never dreamed Ford could package a $20k cheaper alternative to the M3 with an engine that is absolutely superior in all ways to an M-engine.

When the turbo F30's come out and the C7 Corvettes with DCT come out, however, my Mustang is going up on Autotrader. I'm constantly looking for something new.