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Originally Posted by KGB7 View Post
Wow.. that was a childish answer. ..

We get it, you love Obama, thus you no longer need to participate in this conversation, like ever again. This topic is reserved for people who are in the middle of the two parties and want to decide on their own in which direction their dick should swing.

Talk about a childish answer
You do realize that we're all gonna give your suggestions the big middle finger, right?

How do you justify the examination of the birth certificate at an atomic level, when there are people working for the state of Hawaii, who have actually seen the real thing, and might, well, say something like "Hey, that's a fake"? How do you explain the 1961 birth announcements? How do you explain the certification by the Governor of Hawaii?

I don't care who you think this topic is reserved for. I thought GW Bush was an abhorrent, incompetent buffoon; that doesn't mean I'm gonna keep obsessing about the 2000 Florida vote. This birther thing is just pathetic, and mainstream republicans are as embarrassed by the tea-bagging birthers as the others are.