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Originally Posted by jaehshim View Post
define "more connected" to the road for me, if you can. Also "less sporty" and "more GT".
See, being driven both for extensive amount of period, honestly these comments really relate to more of auditory features, in that E9X series is just more refined in sound deadening than E46.
How is it more connected? lol I am not trying to be an axx but these comments always bothered me. How???? Have I driven both hard? yes, both were taken at hard corners. Also, the throttle response of E9X M3 is a LOT MORE responsive than E46. Maybe I'm weird, but i honestly don't see how E46 is more "connected" to the road.
Yes, you mentioned one of them. Too much sound deadening does numb the experience. But in addition to that there are other factors. Seating position in the E90 is a bit higher. The seats themselves I felt are a bit softer and more cushy. The steering is a bit lighter and doesn't deliver as much feedback on what the front wheels are doing. The heavier weight and softer stock suspension make the E90 a bit less crisp in the handling than the E46.