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Originally Posted by bris2013m3 View Post
Well picked her up Tuesday night and wow people we're a staring at her. The silverstone was so much better in person. We went to eat after the delivery with my dad who picked us up from airport and parked at far end of parking lot but still checked on it like 4x. And yesterday did road trip from Nh to Brockville Ontario and wow what a great car. 360 mile trip and got 22.1mpg on the trip of highway and 2lane country roads. Call me crazy but it sounded better as trip went on. Little noisy at start up but from what the forums say its normal. I'm excited and will post pics when I figure out how lol
First off, congrats on your new mistress! That being said...

Now, that I have made myself look like an ass, see this thread on how to post pics. Check out post #10 for the how-to.

(props to M3RD for making it )
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