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Originally Posted by lvwirelessguy View Post
For example just do a 3-2 downshift when you are coming up to a light, once just braking while downshifting ( should see the needle blip about 100 rpms or so )

then do it again using the heel / toe downshift method and the needle will blip around 500 rpms

You will not only be able to see the difference in downshifting on the tach but feel it as well

I always almost always keep it in S5 and maybe its just me but I like to get more than a 100 rpm blip when Im downshifting from 3-2 at around 40-45mph
Just to clarify... are you proposing that DCT is ignoring the downshift under threshold breaking because the engine revs wouldn't be high enough under the system's initiated throttle blip? If so, don't see how it could be rev related as breaking would just seem to lower the rev requirement vs. a steady state downshift request.