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Originally Posted by aus View Post
I usually drive around town pretty mellow in default auto mode, but when I go to the track, I shift manually, in S3 mode. I find S5/S6 too jerky and doesn't seem to shift much faster, if at all.

The next day, I notice is the DCT behaves very differently. After going for an HPDE, the DCT will hold gears much better, shift up later, and downshift sooner. It's like it learned my driving the previous day and it remembers it. It's in the same default setting, but drives much better now. The new M3 DCT seems to want to get to 7th gear as fast as possible compared to my 2008 car before the HPDE.

Just wondering if anyone else noticed this?

Okay, thanks for this posting and people's responses!

Last Saturday I did my first track day, almost all of it in DCT (until the last two laps when I was ready to experiment). Driving home, I noticed that coming to red-light-stops, the transmission was aggressively downshifting. I figured it was still "hot" from the stresses of the day's driving.

But on Sunday, it was still high-revving. And today, on a stretch of downtown driving that I'm very familiar with at this point, the M3 was still leapfrogging gears to keep RPM's high. So I was wondering: "Wow, did I do something [bad] to the transmission?"

Apparently, not! It's behaving exactly like it's supposed to. And I'm loving every moment of it.
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