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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
I use S4 at the track. You still get the rev matched down shifts so you aren't wasting your clutch discs but its not nearly as rough as S5. An S4 up/down shift won't upset the car in places where S5 would.

Not sure why you would use S3, that would upset the car more than using S5/6 on a downshift.
Do you mean upsetting the balance of the car if upshifting/downshifting mid-corner or with some steering input? S5/S6 upshifts on a straight shouldn't be an issue in terms of changing the balance of the car, but do you feel that S5/S6 downshifts negatively impact the car's balance under heavy braking even in a straight line? If so, that would imply that a well-done heel-toe downshift under braking in a manual transmission car is smoother than the rev-match of DCT.