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Originally Posted by SouthShoreM3 View Post
I'm in Braintree. I usually don't drive mine during heavy snow. But just put new conti DWS on so I could drive it more this winter since I put a blower on it about 2 weeks ago. I don't want to wait till spring to break it in so mind as well do it when it's not ideal spirited driving/track conditions.

There are a few M guys around...certainly not west coast or like in NJ/NY but there is a few!

Mine is a Jerez black e90 FWIW. Yellow brembos. Hard to not co fuse this with the 3 million 335s around here!

Hit me up anytime guys
Nice man! At least you get to drive that beauty. Mine is put away for now. Sometimes I'm tempted to take it out for a quick spin but I know she doesn't like the cold.

I know right? Too many 335's around. Not saying it's a bad car but I wish we had more M's around or at least modded 335's.

Nice upgrade with the brakes! How do they handle?