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Credit Cards

after receiving a letter in the mail today that i will now have a 29.99% penalty charge on one of my CCs i am looking to switch to one with rewards. I know i wont be late as i never have and my credit is great, very high 700s. this is what i needed to to start looking for a new card with rewards since both of mine don't and i have been lazy to sift through the thousands of different ones. I am currently remodeling the house i just bought and have more $$ on this CC then i have ever had so i assume this is the reason they want to rape me. well fuck em, im out. but i may keep it around since my apr is 9.24

what cards do you guys have or recommend with rewards. If you have had a bad experience with one, please share. 0.00 apr on transfers would be sweet

Dropbox - please