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Originally Posted by DLSJ5 View Post
Awesome job Larry!

Originally Posted by mixja View Post
Gees you've got a 3.62 Diff - you must have crazy traction issues in 1st gear!
Yes, 1st gear is not even an option at full throttle on street tires. I would just shred them all day long. It takes some practice to feather the throttle to maximize power with grip.

Originally Posted by Bluechipper View Post
Don't look for 19's, get some light weight 18's and sticky rubber.

Those 20's have got to hurt your numbers.
The 20's are definitely hurting my cause here. My single rear wheel with the 295 tire weighs in at 50 pounds. Definitely hurting my numbers here.

I will look for some 19's, but I don't think that 18's will clear the BBK. If someone knows of a set of 18's I would try them out. I have a line on some 19's that are lightweight though.

Originally Posted by DLSJ5 View Post
Agreed, that elevation is not helping either.
Yes, the elevation doesn't help either.

Originally Posted by m33 View Post
Damn , your posts are the most amazing ones on this board you just keep comming out with record breaking times man .......
Put a superman logo's on your doors

Very impressive indeed but arent 20"s best as for rotating mass at those speeds rather than a smaller setup ( which in return is ideal for 1/4 mile runs )?
No, the 20's just have so much more mass to get moving. Plus my 20's are pretty heavy.

Originally Posted by sammyrusso View Post
nice... 8.31 is fast...getting closer to 7's
Thanks Sammmy!

Originally Posted by PencilGeek View Post
Even with these dings against you, you still have a great time.
  1. 20" (heavy) wheels
  2. Street tires
  3. 1600 ft elevation
Here's a graph that shows Larry's exact dyno graph in CarTest and shows the effects of 3.15 vs. 3.62 differential. I think this might help answer Sammy's question about which gear is best to launch 60-130. For 3.15 it appears 2nd gear is best; for 3.62 it appears that 3rd gear is best. Also of interest is the 1/4 mile prediction. Look how 3.62 gets better ET, but loses trap speed. But to be honest, with only 0.06 seconds difference, it's practically negligable on ET.

Larry, which gear did you launch from: 2nd or 3rd? If 2nd, maybe next time you go out, try 3rd and you should get an even better time.

Column-1: Larry+3.15
Column-2: Larry+3.62

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Robert, thanks for the analysis.
I am not positive on this run, but I believe that I started from 3rd. My diff keeps the first two gears so short that when it second I have to shift so quickly that third ends up working better in my case. I'll have to really monitor this when I do more runs.

Originally Posted by sammyrusso View Post
thanks robert, but it wasnt really a question for me...there is no doubt 2nd gear is much better to start in for me, its just my tires are so gone that i get better times in 3rd, cause in 2nd way too much tire spin
Yeah, tire spin is an issue for all the S/C cars. With better rubber on we should have some better times. I can't wait to get out there again.

Nice job Sammy lowering your time. Keep going out and lets drive all the E9x M3 times down!

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