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Originally Posted by Small Yellow View Post
Simple, not enough camber and not stiff enough suspension (well stock suspension) so your car is rolling on the outside edges of the tire too much BUT the main reason is that you're probably overdriving your car/tires and I am sure you are probably understeering but forcing gas to try and make the car rotate while turning in more causing the tires to scrub rather than rotate. I did this to two sets of tires on two different cars when I first started tracking but later found that it was actually slower and causing me more money lol.
Originally Posted by V1.47fan View Post
Not enough negative camber and over driving the car. (Lots of understeer)
The Z2's are really sticky tires, -2.5 would really help if the op likes to plow into turns.
Iím not understeering a lot actually with my square setup. Rather I spend more time on catching the rear end coming out during both trail braking and powering out. Though there is one off-camber low speed turn that the front left hatesÖ Looking forward to what added camber does.

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That seems high to me. By the time you get back in the paddock you already did a cool down lap. Try 36-37 hot. Even 35-36.
Iíll try that next time.

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What they said. And by the way, "Weed and Feed" is your friend, your lawn looks almost as bad as your tires
Ha, you sound just like one of my neighbors who does landscaping for a livingÖ I take my dog to his lawn sometimes lol!

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Just curious, are those tires directional?
Originally Posted by mid-corner fun View Post
ZIIs are directional but can be run the "other" way with a slight performance degradation.
^this may be true, but I personally couldnít tell any difference. I just swap L&R every day of an event, and F&R every event. The only time I care about the direction is when it rains.

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There will be a set of used camber plates entering the market place soon at a very reasonable price...
PM me the details whenever please. I found a local set of coilovers, but Iím trying to find out if it even comes with camber plates. Thanks!