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Driving with the seat reclined

Came across this article

Sarah Goodner was killed in Texas in 2007 when her 2005 Hyundai Tucson rolled over and she was thrown out the back window. The culprit for that odd circumstance even though she had her seat belt fastened was her seat, which was reclined so far back that she was able to slide out of it.

Stuart Goodner, Sarah's father, sued Hyundai claiming that the Tucson was unsafe because the seat could be reclined too much. A jury agreed, kind of, awarding Goodner a $1.8 million judgment against Hyundai, but also deciding that Hyundai was only 45% responsible for Sarah's death. Stuart said, "We want people to know how dangerous it is to drive with the seat reclined, [and] we're calling the auto industry out to correct this design defect so that no other family has to bury one of their children."

This is just ridiculous. Why should any car company have to pay because people are idiots. I could understand if the seat failed, and would not stay up causing this to happen. It bothers me so much to see people driving with the seat fully reclined. I do not see how that is at all comfortable, and how you can even see. How can you possibly steer quickly and accurately with your arms fully extended just holding the wheel straight, as well as relying on pulling on the wheel to hold you up. Aside from a regular driving test, people need to pass an idiot driving test as well before getting behind the wheel of a car.