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Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
Welcome to Capitalism. How about spend your money wisely? If you want to be first in line, go right ahead, I think many others will watch as the aftermarket landscape takes shape over the next couple years for the M3.

Did you miss where I said if I were them I would do the same thing? You are truly naive if you think someone will not put a competing kit on the market that may be superior for less money later on.
I didn't see the point of your contradicting post berating the company for being secretive and then saying you would do the same. As far as competing kits in the future, from what I can tell the S85 engine in the M5/M6 has only two stroker options - Racing Dynamics and Dinan, and that motor has been out for 4 years. I think pricing for both kits is similar too. Maybe in a few years there will be a turbo/supercharger kit from some unheard of company for a fraction of the price, but I'd pass on that option. As far as spending money wisely is concerned, to each his own.