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Originally Posted by RDSport View Post
There is more to loose than there is to gain in posting specific engine data, as the people who are interested in buying the car or the upgrade usually are concerned with the way it drives, and the cost, not the wrist pin size and the compression ratio. Publishing such details only encourages others to duplicate, so if this has to happen, let them do their homework and find out for themselves what works and what doesn't.

Obviously, once you put your name on an RS46, this information may be disclosed, if you wish. Some specifics, though, are not for the public nor the press.

We don't want to be arrogant, nor difficult, but when I built the 1st R35 motor on the old S52 US motor, one of my subcontractors publicized the availability of the engine before he even supplied us with the components he was paid for.

I can think of at least 3 outfits within a 50 mile radius from us that would use this information to their advantage, so the discretion and secrecy is to protect us from the rapacious.

I hope you all understand.
Translation: We want to keep the profit for ourselves.

Once others find out the specs they will do it for less. I understand your position, I would do the same.