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First of all let me start out by showing you what I read on Fark to get me started on this thread "BMW of Lincoln Nebraska still withholding penis extension from eBay winner". I had no idea what to think I just wanted to find out what it was all about. The link took me to, and as I read it I wanted to find out more, which brought me to here. Through reading the first few pages, and even now I 100% support Ken in getting the car. As people said in the beginning, if he would have said he made a "mistake" when bidding and didn't really want to buy the car, he still would have been held fully responsible for paying for it.

Now for the real reason I am posting here is because of posts form BMW M5 Power, as well as people's anger towards BMWNA for not stepping in. BMW M5 Power is completely right in HAG selling more cars now, because once you are in the door you are hooked and they can convince you that they are the right ones and Ken is making stuff up. The car dealer's job is to make you think that you are pulling one over on them, as apposed to vice versa. So people think they are getting great deals because of the whole ordeal, and HAG is selling more cars than they would normally.

Now for BMWNA. Maybe this will show that Big business does not care about the consumer, just your money. BMW doesn't care what you think about the individual dealer. They know you will buy their car because of the name not the greatness of the car. There could be a dog turd in the back of every BMW and people that want the car, no matter how overpriced it is because of the name, will still buy it. I'm not trying to knock any BMW owners, lord knows if I had the money I might have one, but if their product is lacking don't buy it.

This is only my opinion, burn me at the stake all you want.

first of all, i doubt their selling practices would entice ppl to come in. its a well known fact that they can offer a "deal" to hook hagglers, but they'll get them with teh financing. thats why you do your own financing to get the best buy the car from them, and financing isn't dependent on it. like a house, you get get the loan, then broker a deal. what if a bmw dealer sold a car at half off, but doubled the interest rate ? not such a good deal anymore now is it ?

although bmwna didn't do anything, it shows how they stand behind a dealer who's wrong rather than a consumer who is right. they go above and beyond with their pink car for cancer awareness, but here, they play within the rules and say they have no say with individual dealers.

well, if thats the case, no one will buy from that dealer, and the dealer will close shop.