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Thumbs down - poor experience, poor customer service

This dude, Ryan....*smh*. Might be a kinda long post, I'll try to condense it. A little back story: my s.o. is always trying to get me stuff for my car, but everything she's purchased thus far has had to go back for some reason or another, so she's been really keen on getting me something and having everything work out. A few months ago she wanted to know what I wanted for my mid-March birthday, so I told her that I wanted some illuminated door sills from

I spelled out exactly what I wanted so there would be no surprises.

Their site says
Since these sill inserts are custom made to order, please expect shipment within approximately 3-4 weeks of ordering. Additional shipping charge will apply to orders outside Canada/USA, please email us before ordering.
To make sure there was *more* than enough time for this to arrive in time for my birthday, she ordered and paid for them on 1/31/14, giving them more than 6 weeks to get them produced and get them here. She also paid the extra $30 for what they call "Tuesday Express shipping", which, as per their site, means
If you select this option, your order will ship in approximately 6 days. Tracking info provided.
4 weeks passed, and she still didn't receive the package, nor did she receive any notification as to what was going on. She contacted them on 3/7 (@ 5 wks), and Ryan said he was waiting on a final part and was planning to ship late the following week which is when she mentioned it being a gift. On 3/13, he said he would be shipping the sill inserts the next day and included the installation instructions. He said they would be in 2 boxes, but he didn't include tracking info. The next day (3/14) she wrote to inquire about the time frame for deliver and to let him know she was disappointed and had given plenty of time etc. which is when he let her know they were shipped USPS Priority Mail. The box didn't arrive until 3/17, which is after my birthday. We've been waiting on the other box, and once again, she contacted Ryan on 3/18, and he *finally* gave her a tracking number...with a twist. She ran that tracking number, and it showed as being "pre-shipping", which basically means that there was nothing shipped, there was only a label printed. She refreshed it a bit hour later, and the postal service showed it was scanned @ about 4:45 on 3/18. Awesome. So he didn't ship the box until WAY after he said he was shipping. Incidentally, that "$30 express shipping"? The postage on the box she received was for $5 bucks and some change. So he pocketed almost $20 for "express shipping" 2 boxes.

Needless to say, she's *extremely* disappointed, b/c once again, she was trying to do something nice for me and the car and it didn't work out. 3-4 weeks has turned to going on 7 weeks, and they didn't apologize, didn't offer to refund the shipping, nothing. She couldn't even file a Paypal complaint b/c 45 days have passed.

Just wanted to share with my fellow members so that their expectations are set if/when they decide to place an order w/GrafxWerks. Their lack of customer service skills and general lackadaisical attitude regarding this transaction has left a *lot* to be desired.

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