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Originally Posted by NHman View Post
OP, if you like the S4, consider the S5 cab as well. It has the same 3.0T engine. Until the current model year, only the S5 coupe had the 4.2 (V8) engine.

Not sure how you have prioritized specifics like fuel economy, styling, design, technology, etc. The S4/S5 competes more with the 335i/is model. However an argument can be made that it has (roughly) 80-85% of the ability of the M3 but better for DD. Being in LA, do you really need a AWD vehicle?

The cabin in the S4/S5 is nice but IMO not as user friendly as the "dated" cabin in the M3. However compare this against the current A6/S6 both in-terms of exterior and interior styling. Now this starts to look dated (especially when the 6's have the LED headlights).

Perhaps hold-on to your current M3 and wait until next year for the new model.
Thats exactly what I'm gonna do. wait for the new M3